Shafhi Mohammed Judgement over ruled

We have discussed the Shafhi Mohammad judgement of the Supreme Court in the past through several articles, (Refer :The tragedy of Shafhi Mohammad). The matter had come for review in the case of Arjun Punditrao Vs Kailash Kushanrao and the SC had referred it to a larger bench  on 26th July 2019.

Today the judgement in this case has been released which has rightfully reversed the judgement of the two member bench in the Shafhi Mohammad case and endorsed the earlier three member judgement in the case of P V Anvar Vs P.K. Basheer.

While a detailed analysis of the judgement can be taken up later, it is noted that the judgement reiterates that section 65B certificate is mandatory for admissibility of electronic documents as evidence in a Court of law.


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