Archival of Web Page

Archival of a Web Page

Cyber Evidence Archival Center (CEAC) will register a Web Pages as they appear on a public web site, at the request of a Netizen.

The objective of this service is to enable either a Netizen to  preserve the web site communication as “Legally Presentable Evidence”.

Procedure of Application

The registrant will  submit the web page to be certified by  e-mail  to with the words “CEAC-web” in the subject line along with his own address in the body of the mail.

The subject web page would be suitably registered by CEAC and a  print copy of the document registered  would be sent to the registrant by “Speed Post” or “Registered Post” or “Courier” or any other suitable means,  to the physical address to be indicated by the registrant while forwarding the e-mail.

Any document to be registered should be in a public web site accessible to any Netizen. Web pages that are password protected or customizable by the Netizens would not be normally registered under this scheme. Any such request will be taken on case to case basis.


This Service is Not a Notary Service under the Notaries Act 1952. The certification process used by CEAC will  follow the principles enunciated in Information technology Act 2000



Webpage Registration and Confirmation:

Rs 500/- for each  A4 size print out with a minimum of Rs 5000/-

Payment Terms:

The payment of the minimum amount of Rs 5000/-should be paid online through Naavi’s Payment Center, using Naavi’s Payment Receipts.

Separately, request for certification should be sent to with the appropriate subject line,  giving the name of the sender, date of the e-mail sent, and the e-mail address of the other party to e-mail.

In case the actual charges are higher, an invoice for the additional amount would be sent by e-mail and it can be paid online as a secondary payment.