About Us

Cyber Evidence Archival Center (CEAC) is a division of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd. and  an initiative of Naavi. to provide the Indian public with a means of using Cyber Evidence when required.

Naavi is a professional with more than 3 decades of experience in Banking and Finance, Advertising and Marketing and Cyber Laws. An M.Sc., in Physics from Manasa Gangotri, Mysore, Naavi started his career with Indian Overseas Bank as an Officer and served in different capacities for nearly 13 years before branching out to the private sector. After another three years in the HP industry, spent over a decade in Advertising and Marketing before turning an entrepreneur in the area of Cyber Law related activities.

CEACTM  is under the umbrella of NaaviTM and is supported by the other services offered by Naavi such as arbitration.in, lookalikes.com, naavi.org,cyberlawcollege.com etc.

For More about Naavi, Visit  www.naavi.org.