Archival of Evidence in Cyber Crime Cases

Cyber Evidence Archival Center (CEAC) is a unique proposition which assists the judicial process in a Cyber Crime litigation.

In all cases where a Cyber Document needs to be documented and presented in a court of law, CEAC services can be requisitioned either by the advocates or the members of public or the Police.

Typical incidents in which CEAC services are useful are:

a) An obscene  message is found about Ms X on a yahoo group and the victim files a complaint. Accused challenges….Victim revisits the yahoo group…The offending message no longer exists...But Mrs X has already archived the offending message with CEAC

b) A company P accuses another company Q that Q is misrepresenting in its website its status as an official dealer in a product category..wants to take action for breach of contract….Sends a notice to Q… The offending message is quickly removed by Q to avoid prosecution….But P has already archived the offending message with CEAC

c) Company M files a case against an employee who has just resigned accusing him of sending vital company information by e-mail to a competitor. ..Presents an e-mail copy received by one of the company’s vendors…defense challenges the existence of the e-mail…… M approaches CEAC for a solution..

d) Partner K accuses his co-partner N of sending him falsified accounts of the firm through e-mail. Presents the e-mail and the actual accounts submitted to the tax authorities. N refutes the existence of the e-mail.…K approaches CEAC for a solution..

e) Mr T files a complaint that he has received an objectionable SMS on his mobile and wants to initiate a complaint….T approaches CEAC for a solution..

f) Company X finds that a domain name similar to theirs ahs been registered by a person and used for hosting a pornographic site. Company initiates action for Trademark infringement. alleging amongst other  things that the site is used for illegal activity damaging the reputation of the Company which has a similar name…Accused replaces the content with neutral content…X produces archived copies of web pages from CEAC.

g) Police file a case against a website R alleging that the site provides anti social information. .. The site is deactivated…Police anticipate that the site will re surface in a different name and wants to pursue the case…Court asks for evidence of objectionable material to be produced before it….Policeproduce archived copies of web pages from CEAC.

The objective of this service is to enable the community to archive an electronic document in such a manner that it can be used as an evidence in a Court of law.

Procedure of Application

Requests to be forwarded to Naavi with details.


To be determined on case to case basis

 Archival of E-Mail  : Archival of Webpage:


This Service is Not a Notary Service under the Notaries Act 1952. The certification process used by CEAC will  follow the principles enunciated in Information technology Act 2000