Behind the CEAC services which may appear novel even in 2018, is an effort by Naavi since 1998, to understand the then emerging Cyber Laws and later start disseminating the knowledge through and Cyber Law College .

Naavi also proposed many IT Enabled services to enable the community to comply with Cyber Laws as they were emerging.  Verify For Look Alikes ( and Cyber Evidence Archival Center (CEAC) were one of the earliest of such services to be introduced before many others were rolled out as manually managed service concepts.

However, since few understood Cyber Laws and fewer wanted to comply, there were not many who appreciated the need for the services that Naavi was envisioning along with  the commercial prospects of what Naavi was proposing.

Looking back, it appears amusing that many of the giant multi national IT Companies of today were those who failed to understand the power of what Naavi was proposing in terms of products and services which later become accepted some times through companies in USA or Singapore.

The fact was that Naavi’s ideas were ahead of its times and perhaps too far ahead of times and were commercially not feasible at the time they were proposed. Being a Management Student, Naavi can appreciate that this is the natural progression of “Ideas” into successful “Business Propositions” which  any “Pioneer” has to be tolerant of.

When we look back, we will be proud that CEAC was the pioneer of many services which one by one are getting acceptance today. In the coming days there will be so much demand for CEAC services which CEAC will not be able to handle by itself.

Naavi has always believed in “Sharing” of knowledge and also business thoughts so that the community should not be deprived of the benefits because the person who generated the idea is not able to commercially operate it. The IPR regime is supposed to enable this but only over a long period of time.

CEAC actually has tried in the past to take its product and service concepts across India through a collaboration of legal and technical professionals where CEAC will be the central repository of the service and others will be like Coordinators for the service in different physical locations. It was envisaged that there will be a revenue sharing model where by everybody could benefit and better service could be provided to the community.

Some of the concepts are also commercially viable to be developed as a IT Enabled Service through a collaboration with entrepreneurs looking around for viable futuristic projects.

In the past this effort to build a collaboration has not succeeded. But failure in the past is not necessarily an indication that it may not succeed in future.

Naavi therefore once again re-ignites the idea of an “All India CEAC Forum”. The objective of this forum is to enable CEAC certificates to be issued under the signature of “CEAC Coordinators” in different Cities under the standard operating procedure adopted by CEAC. Copies of the certified documents will be held in the repository of CEAC central unit which will be the unit of Ujvala Consultants Pvt Limited presently owned and controlled by Naavi. Revenue would be shared along with the responsibilities. At this point of time, the goal is open ended and will depend on the support that comes forth.

May be even this thought is ahead of the time. But …I hope the time for this will also come shortly. Contact Naavi if you have a thought to add or more importantly ..willingness to join the journey to build an “All India CEAC forum”