Archival Of Web Published results for Students

Results of most of the examinations are today published over the Web. Many students need to apply for various admissions and jobs based on the results announced but much before the official marks cards are made available by the respective educational institutions.

In order to mitigate the hardship of students waiting for official certificates, CEAC offers to archive the results as published on the web and provide a certificate under the CEAC seal and signature.

Students may utilize this facility whenever required. In such cases CEAC waives the minimum amount payable for archival.

The results so archived will be made available for query by recognized employee institutions through e-mail.

Students and Job applicants are however informed that this is a voluntary service and though the certificates are considered legally valid under Section 65B of the Indian Evidence Act, it is preferable for the students/job applicants to check with the target institutions if they would accept the CEAC certified marks list for their screening requirements.

Procedure of Application

This service will be available only for the student or his guardian to archive a web published result. Applicants desirous of availing this service should send an e-mail with the following information.

  1. Name of the student
  2. Particulars of Examination
  3. Registration Number
  4. URL in which the result is available
  5. Name of the applicant ( if different) and relation to the student.
  6. Address of the applicant
  7. Particulars of Payment made
This Service is Not a Notary Service under the Notaries Act 1952. The certification process used by CEAC will  follow the principles enunciated in Information technology Act 2000


Each Certificate will be numbered and each registrant will be allocated a unique registration number for identification of the certificate.


Each result will be priced at RS 100/- only.

Certificates can be collected in person at a designated office or through courier anywhere in India at a payment of an additional amount of Rs 30/-.

Kindly note that in case the results are not accessible due to reasons ascribable to a fault of the applicant, the registration fees paid is not refundable. If the certificate is not refundable for any other reason, the amount is refundable at a designated office after reduction of 10 % service charges.

Payment Terms:

The payment shall be made in advance on line through Naavi’s Payment Center or in Cash/DD/Postal Order. DD or Postal Order shall be in favour of “Ujvala Consultants Pvt Limited”


Normally the certificates will be despatched within 24 hours (holiday excluded).

Queries: Employers who would like to have confirmation about any student’s marks may send their queries to indicating the unique registration number granted to the student during registration.

P.S: Such queries will be free for a period of one year and renewable each year at Rs 100/- to be paid by the registrant. This information will be integrated with the “Ethical BPO/IT Employee’s Register” when the registrant acquires such status.

Kindly note that in case there is any error in the records due to the candidate getting a revised marks list that differs from the published marks list, the candidate should bring it to the notice of CEAC so that the records can be revised. Consequences for the mismatch of the web published results based on which certificates may be issued and queries may be addressed shall be entirely bourne by the candidates and CEAC shall not be liable for any damages in this regard.

CEAC reserves the right to refuse provision of such service to any candidate or withdraw this service or the query service any time at their discretion without assigning any reason therefor.


Registrants are deemed to have consented to the provision of such information and shall not hold CEAC for any damages as a consequence supply of such information.

The web published information of performance of a candidate is deemed to be a factual  information and not a confidential information of the candidate. The candidate as well as public are aware that since such information is available  merely on provision of a publicly known key such as a registration number, the candidate or the owner of the information as well as the provider of the data accept that this information is “Public Information” and not subject to any “Privacy Rights”.

The service is being offered under the provisions of Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act for the public good and CEAC shall not be responsible for the certificates being rejected by any institution.

Public may note that  no formal approval has been sought or claimed for this service from any authority. It is a purely voluntary service offer and no warranties of any kind are implied.

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