CEAC is an “intermediary” service as per ITA 2008. It is a facilitation service meant for use  by other professionals.

Users place information with CEAC voluntarily as may be required for utilizing the service. CEAC exercises reasonable care in maintaining confidentiality of the information so deposited.

Users may inform if the information provided by them is to be treated as “Highly Confidential” in which case, it is either not stored electronically or where it is kept stored in electronic form, it is suitably encrypted.

Information in the custody of CEAC is made available only on “Need to Know Basis”  even  to the employees of CEAC if any.

The functioning of the center is under a contractual agreement between the members and the center and all legal aspects regarding the service is the responsibility of the member.

Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, or any of its directors, employees or associates are not liable for any actions of the members themselves  in the conduct of the services

Services of CEAC are offered only on the basis of law prevailing in India and the services are not subject to laws of any other country. If any person outside India avails these services, he is deemed to have accepted the Indian law and all his rights under any other laws including Privacy regulations such as GDPR are considered to have been given up.

For any disputes arising out of the use of this website, contact Naavi as the grievance redressal officer through email ceac.naavi@gmail.com.

For the purpose of GST, this service is considered as an offline service for which information is provided online as part of the services offered by Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd which is the taxable entity subject to IT assessment.