Shafi Mohammad decision referred to larger bench

When the media cried out “Courts can rely on electronic records without certificate: SC”., based on the order of a two member bench of the Supreme Court, clearly stated that the order was incorrect and required to be corrected. ( Refer here)

This order was issued on January 30, 2018 and in a way negated an order of a larger bench in the case of PV Anvar Vs P.K Basheer. has advanced its reasons why this order was both incorrect and also dangerous since it sought to remove an important safeguard provided in law for preventing false electronic evidence to be produced in litigation.

It is now good to know that the matter has been referred to a higher bench in the Civil Appeal nos 2407 of 2018 and 3696 of 2018 for clarification.

We presume that the decision in the P V Anvar case will be reiterated by the larger bench.


SC order of 26th July 2019

The tragedy of Shafi Mohammad


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