CEAC-EDB (CEAC-Evidence Drop Box)  represents the special service CEAC provides for E Commerce users.

In the E Commerce transactions, users often rely on presentation made on the website of say Amazon, Flipkart or 99acres.com or other platforms and finalize their decision to purchase.

On C2C platforms like OLX or Quikr, the offers are from individuals and are unique and once accepted, the offers may be removed from the platform and not available for re-visit.

In such cases, if the customer later has a dispute that the product/service as provided was not according to the terms of offer, he may raise a dispute but will need evidence if the dispute needs to be settled through a formal process.

In small ticket transactions with reputed brands, disputes are settled with easy return and replacement offers but this may not work in high ticket transactions or when dealing with C2C transactions.

CEAC which is the pioneer in the service of providing Computer Outputs under Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act which are admissible as evidence without the need for presenting of original electronic document for admissibility in Indian Courts provides a service where by users can submit any web page for CEAC certification.

Presently the service has to be requested before the transaction is completed and it will involve a time delay for completing the purchase.

The CEAC-EDB service addresses this felt need of the market so that a user can submit a page for “Provisional Certification” on real time basis by taking a screen shot and dropping it at the CEAC Evidence Drop box. The request for certification can be made any time within the next 30 days and when requested CEAC will provide a certified copy evidencing the electronic document as dropped into the CEAC system.

If there is no need for certification, the document would be purged after 30 days.

The retrieval of certificate would be subject to service fee of  CEAC. CEAC proposes to introduce a “Membership Scheme” so that cost for certification would be reduced from the current levels.

The details of the membership scheme would be announced shortly.

Until the automated dropping system is in place, the documents can be sent through the following e-mail

While sending the request, the sender shall send the following information:

a) Full Name

b) Physical Address

b) Contact Mobile Number

d) Contact E Mail address (By default it will be the sent address)

The request will be acknowledged and further instructions would be made available.

Kindly note that if the mail or the attachment contains any malware, the sender may be black listed and any other required counter action may also be initiated as may be considered necessary.

The submission of the information and certification of archival is considered as “at the request of the user” and reasonable security measures as required under ITA 2000/8 for protecting the confidentiality of the transaction will be provided. The responsibility of CEAC ceases with the provision of the Certificate of Archival and any other service is outside the scope of the Evidence Drop Box Service and has to be separately negotiated.

Watch out for more clarifications on the service.

How to Use the Service

For the time being, we recommend that you bookmark this page to show on the bookmark tab of your browser. When you open the page, click on the button CEAC-DROP REQUEST. This should open your email. Kindly attach the screen shot/image and send along with your name and address and mobile number if any. You will receive an acknowledgement with further instructions if any. Kindly note that the archived image may be automatically deleted after 30 days.