What this Cyber Evidence Archival Center is All About

CEAC is a Multifaceted Service Center providing a “Trusted Third Party Cyber Law Assurance Service” .The service is a first of the kind global service backed by the provisions of Information Technology Act 2000 (ITA 2000) as amended by Information Technology Act 2008 (ITA 2008).

CEAC was started in 2002 to provide assistance to Cyber Law Practitioners and Law Enforcement Agencies with a service that can convert electronic evidence into admissible paper evidence for the purpose of submission in a Court of Law as per Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act. CEAC is proud to have been associated with the Chennai Police in several Cyber Crime cases  for providing evidentiary support including forensic assistance.

The first conviction under ITA 2000 in the case of State of Tamil Nadu Vs Suhas Katti in the AMM Court, Egmore (2004) was based on the evidence provided by CEAC as to the occurrence of the crime on a Yahoo Group. Services of CEAC was also used by the AMM court in one of the defamation cases filed against a publication in Chennai by actress Trisha. (P.S: Copy of the judgement refering to CEAC service in case of Suhaskatti available here. Part 1: Part2). CEAC has provided certified copies of E-Mails, Web pages, electronic documents in a corporate computer etc on various occasions both for presentation in Indian Courts as well as Arbitration Proceedings in India and abroad. It has also provided certification of documents even with remote machines in USA and other towns. Providing certified copies of electronic documents as a part of litigation support services continues to be a major activity of CEAC.

Over the years, CEAC has developed a multifaceted dimension with several service offerings. CEAC has now transformed itself into a unique service portal for all Legal Professionals. The redefined objective of CEAC is to assist advocates any where in India with such tools as are required to make them Cyber Law Proficient advocates. This will include “Education”, “Collaboration”, “Online Information Resources”, “Online Archival Services”, “Online Arbitration Services”,”E-Court Services” etc. The end objective of CEAC is to enable any Cyber Crime victim in India to have an informed assistance readily available to meet the challenge of growing volume of Cyber Crimes.

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Legal professionals who would like to regularly use the services of CEAC can opt for membership. Members can avail the services of CEAC at concessional rates for conducting online arbitration or mediation proceedings, Virtual meetings, Obtaining CEAC certified copies of electronic documents etc.  (Contact Naavi for details)

This Service is Not a Notary Service under the Notaries Act 1952. The certification process used by CEAC will  follow the principles enunciated in Information technology Act 2000


Registrants are deemed to have consented to the provision of such information as envisaged in the service and  shall not hold CEAC for any damages as a consequence supply of such information.

The service where Certified copies of e-mail are being provided as evidence is being offered under the provisions of Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act for the public good and CEAC shall not be responsible for the certificates being rejected by any institution.

Public may note that  no formal approval has been sought or claimed for this service from any authority. It is a purely voluntary service offer and no warranties of any kind are implied.

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